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Hot oil treatments work by sealing the hair cuticle. This helps to strengthen and protect your hair.

Protect and moisturise hair 

Increases hair strength  

Reduce dryness of both the hair and scalp 

Dandruff relief 

Reduce frizz 

Increased blood flow on the scalp, which may help promote healthier hair 

Step 1:

Wash your hair. It is important to make sure the hair is clean before proceeding with the hot oil treatment 

Step 2:

Melt the body butter in a double over boiling water or in the microwave (do not over-heat if using the microwave)

Step 3:

Before applying the oil to your dump hair and scalp; test a small amount of the oil on your wrist to make sure itisnot too hot (you do not want to burn yourself) 

Step 4:

Place a towel over your shoulders or opt to doing the oil treatment in the shower.

Step 5:

Get rid of any knots by brushing your hair thoroughly

Step 6:

Apply the oil evenly throughout your hair and massage into scalp using your fingertips

Step 7:

Cover your head with a shower cap for 20 minutes (not more than 20 minutes!!!!)

Step 8:

After the 20 minutes, completely rinse out the oil from your hair and follow up using your conditioner 

As any hair treatment, the hot oil hair treatment can be done once a week!!