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Beard treatment

Whipped body butter can be used as a beard oil and beard balm. 

Oil treatment for beard: 

Beard oils minimises skin irritation, especially during the initial growth phase. The oils will keep your beard hair soft and fluffy.  

Balanced nutrition and HARD WORK. 

  • exfoliating regularly will remove dead skin cell and help your beard hair grow
  • Keep your face hydrated by using the whipped butter, moisturising daily.

After washing your face, melt the body butter in a double over boiling water or in the microwave (do not overheat if using the microwave) 

  • Brush out your tangles and apply the oil your beard hair while brushing the beard throughout. The hot oil treatment can be done once a week
  • Intermittently apply the whipped butter and comb your beard throughout the day

Before bed: wash your face, moisturise and apply the whipped butter as a beard  balm to avoid beard bedhead